Internet Crush: Atomic Threshold

Top: Kofod Larsen for G-Plan
Bottom: floating teak credenza, doors open

Before I knew Christian, I knew what he did. A friend of mine told me some time last year about this guy, a brother of her friend, who sold vintage furniture and lived in a vintage Spartan trailer. I looked at his website. I thought he sounded interesting but, somehow, from my conversation with her, I gathered that he was married. Lucky for me I was wrong.

A year later, a week after I moved back to Pasadena, the same friend told me that Christian, the guy who sold vintage furniture and lived in a vintage Spartan trailer, had some chairs he was looking to get rid of. I had just moved into my apartment and didn’t have much furniture to speak of, so, without seeing a picture of them, I went to pick up the chairs. On our first meeting, Christian and I talked for an awfully long time. When I was leaving I told him we should get coffee. He thought I was just being polite, a mandatory offer since he had just given me free chairs. He never followed up. A few months later we ran into each other at a thrift store. That time he told me we should get coffee. I followed up. :)

We’ve grown quite fond of each other since our thrift store encounter. Along with doing all sorts of other things including woodworking and architectural design, Christian sells mid century modern furniture under the moniker Atomic Threshold. Recently we worked together to photograph much of his new inventory–about a bazillion (gorgeous) credenzas, plus a smattering of a few other things. We spent two days shooting. There was a lot of teak, a lot of wood polish on my LCD screen, a few afternoon beers and one broken 50mm lens (unrelated to the beer, I swear.).

The new merchandise is now up in his shop. Take a look. He runs a pretty awesome business.

Oh, by the way, the chairs he gave me? It’s the only furniture he’s ever lost money on. :)

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